Ralph L. Crowder III is a committed Parent of two teen-aged children who inspire his personal growth, creativity and passion. The connection to his family experiences gives him purpose to use his gifts, talents and contributions to Media for the greater good of all.

Mr. Crowder’s interest and involvement in Media started as a young adult where he functioned (as a D.J./Radio Personality, Concert Promoter & Special Events Organizer) in and around the Cultural & Creative Explosion of Hip Hop Music between 1988-1997.

Mr. Crowder is a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He attended Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia where he majored in Education & African American Studies.

Mr. Crowder’s foundation and skills led to previous Lead Production Roles for community based radio and video show programming in New York and Los Angeles.

His interest in music and the visual arts has also led to directing TV commercials and creative consultation services for music videos and community news outlets.

Mr. Crowder is a cultural critic of music and popular media with work published as a writer, photographer and screenwriter. His extensive work specifically relating to issues involving public education and African American youth have been highlighted by national news media and various parental advocacy organizations.

Currently, he serves as a Producer/Director & President of Programming for Freedom Radio News & Culture Television Network.

Freedom Radio News & Culture Television Network is a new form of broadcast media directed at all aspects of art, education, dance, music, sports, poetry, fashion, film, headline news and events shaping Urban America’s local or national conversation.

Freedom Radio Programming engages a diverse viewing audience primarily focused on issues concerning the African American Community.

Some noted documentary specials produced by Mr. Crowder include:

“Runaway Dreams & Cardboard Condos.”

Black Men and issues of Homelessness in Downtown Los Angeles area of Skid Row.

“An Evening with a Jazz Legend, Roy Ayers.”

Exclusive Music Documentary with Roy Ayers and Band Members regarding Roy

Ayers significance & contributions to Jazz Music.

No Child Left Behind? “Black Children in a State of Emergency”

A focus on an African American Parent’s Role advocating for issues of Equity and

Accountability in Public Education.

“D.J. Jazzy Jay, The South Bronx & The History of The Birth of Hip Hop.”

Hip Hop Pioneer D.J. Jazzy Jay explores the evolution of Rap Music & Hip Hop

Culture within the Black Community.

“Memphis, A City Rich in Song & Experience.” (In Current Production)

A Profile of the city of Memphis: The people, places and things that make the spirit of a city rooted in music and it’s historical significance in the post civil rights era.

Mr. Crowder is available for screenings and speaking engagements. Cable programming coming soon.....

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